DIY Wedding – Weight Watchers “Frozen Yoghurt Recipe”- German/English : 5 months and a lot happened,…

Titelbild BLOGI’m back, I hope 🙂

I’m a bit busy at the moment, I started Weight Watchers, I will get married next year in April, we decided to do much as possible ourselves (Our DIY-Wedding),… doesn’t sound so much… Anyway, I will also write in German, a bit of a mix, because I miss my language since I moved to Glasgow.


We are busy and on the hunt for a humanist – yes that’s right, we are getting married next year in April. We have the room – a lovely room in Glasgow (The Glasgow Art Club) !! For us it’s the perfect place to get married and in addition we sneaked a little Tardis from Doctor Who behind the bar (sounds for me like a perfect coincidence). The people are really friendly and helpful! Now we are searching for a humanist who also speaks German (forget it, we will probably not find somebody, who is still free) so we need to discuss the duties for my bridesmaids 😉 they are great and could all translate. Our wedding topic or theme shall be a hint of Steampunk, mixed with a little bit of Doctor Who (the new Doctor is from Glasgow, so again a must ;)) finished with some sprinkles of flowers, topped with Gold.

Art Club Glasgow The Place where I get married


Yes, I started Weight Watchers, the healthy and filling Option (I hope that’s the name), you can eat everything from a specific list without counting points and adding treats and specials for 49 points per week. I already lost 15 pounds (yee-ha!). Most people know this already but I really want to share my favourite treat at the moment. I love it!

I moved to Scotland, and my best friends Ben and Jerry stayed always by my side and our friendship started to be a really close relationship and, let’s face the truth, it isn’t so easy to lose weight in Scotland or to find healthy food. My goal is my old “before I moved” weight. But I will stop moaning now, here (klick) is my favourite Frozen yoghurt recipe.


Since I’ve been here, I am always discovering such great and beautiful places and I really want to share them with you all. Sometimes, when I see so many beautiful things I start to be blind to them. With pictures and journal entries here at the blog and also in my personal organizer, I try to keep the moments alive and to make myself much more sensitive to all the lovely things around me.

Today or this week: TARBERT, a small town, really international, because everybody who wants to visit Campbeltown or other places needs to drive through it. Lots of natural beauty and a cute little harbor with pubs and little shops.

I hope you liked the little post and if somebody has an idea how I can manage my two languages, so that not always both languages are visible, you are more than welcome to give me a hint in the comments. Oh and of course any comments about Weddings, Weight Watchers or Scotland 🙂 Thank you

xx Nicole
Hier geht es zur DEUTSCHEN VERSION

TUTORIAL: Papier-mâché bowl and candle (Windlicht)

Ladies and Gentlemen,

I proudly present…. My new home accessories.
I’m just back from my lovely romantic short holiday. We had our anniversary and decided to celebrate it somewhere else than home – let me face the truth, at home you never relax absolutely. I always see something to do or something is in the way or there is dust … That’s why we decided to go out and enjoy the world.
Back home, I noticed that I once again haven’t written very much, I was so occupied with being ‘in love’ that I forgot everything at home. The good thing about this is that I made some new ‘home accessories’ a long time ago and kept the pictures in my blog folder without doing anything with them, so this, now, today, (‘let’s do it,’ says the little voice in my head) is the right moment to let them out to see the world.

Papier-mâché bowl and candle (Windlicht)

You need:
Wallpaper adhesive
Fine paper/tissue paper
Objects to cover like glasses, plates etc.
How to
1)    Mix yourself a bowl full with wallpaper adhesive (follow the instruction on the package)
2)    Take a lot of fine paper, like tissue paper. Rip it up into little pieces.
3)    Look for a shape you like and which fits well with the idea of your desired object. I once used a plate and, for the candle, a glass.
4)    Cover the shape with foil.
5)    Put the little paper pieces in the glue and start to apply them to the shape. I always try to make 4 to 8 layers, it depends. Try not to leave any areas uncovered.
6)    Let your object dry (this can take a few days). When it starts to get a bit drier, try to pull the object off the shape a little, to make sure that the inside can also begin to dry. Don’t forget to remove the foil before the inside can dry completely, to avoid it sticking.
7)    Cut the edges or the shape you want.
8)    Have a think if you want to paint your object and always use some varnish to seal it. If you want to use it with food, take care to use a non-toxic varnish designed for this purpose.
9)    That’s all! 🙂

DAY 24

It’s a long time since the 24th of December. More than 10 days without a post – my apologies. It was an emotional time – with a lot of contrasts.


Scotland Belgium


Missing my fiancéseeing my family



Visitors from homealone again


I don’t know if everybody who lives in another country, more or less far away from family and friends, has the same feeling about Christmas and being away. I love Christmas and I love that fact that I could fly home, even if only for 3 days, but part of my new family and friends stayed in Scotland. So I was happy at home, to see everybody and a little bit sad too because I missed the other ones. The same but the other way around was when I came back – tears because I left my family and my friends who I will see again in a couple of months but also tears of joy because I flew back to my fiancé and my friends in Scotland. I mean there is no week I don’t miss my family or my language, but I think Christmas is by far the hardest time – or maybe I’m just too soft ;). Are you living away from your home? Do you have the same? Being, living and belonging in two worlds, languages and countries?

But anyway, you can imagine that I was a bit stressed so I thought, after the stressful days, a bit of relaxation after Christmas was just the thing:

5 things I do to recap Christmas – and to relax after

1) Take the Christmas decorations down and decorate a bit more ‘springtime’ (Need to admit that I haven’t done this yet)
2) Cook healthily – more or less. After Christmas I’m more than happy to avoid chocolate and fat food. I gave a lot of my chocolate away, because if I have it there I will eat it. My favourite recipe at the moment is from my cousin, who visited us for New Year’s Eve.
  • Take some shortcrust pastry, roll it out and put it in the oven for more or less 5 minutes at 200 degrees.
  • Cut a lot of vegetables (we used courgette, mushrooms and pepper). We roasted them gently and put some tomato puree in the mixture, and of course some spices.
  • Cut some feta cheese into little cubes.
  • Take the pastry out of the oven and fill it in the middle with the mixture and the feta cubes
  • Fold the pastry over the mixture to create a closed ‘bag’ and put it in the oven again for 10-15 minutes (till the pastry “bag” is brown)
  • Enjoy the meal

Recipe3) Start to make some crafty things which haven’t anything to do with Christmas, such as bath bombs like this.

4) I always arrange my Christmas presents and cards around me and have a proper look and enjoy again the lovely gestures from people and ehm, yes, the presents, then I have a think if I thanked everybody properly and write some mails and messages to tell them how much I enjoyed that they thought of me.

5) Take a long bath with a good book and maybe your bath bomb which you made yourself 😉

I wish you all a relaxed Sunday and I will maybe start now to do something creative, why not a calendar or something?