A first entry is always a bit scary – for me. It’s like the first sight, when people decide if they love, like or hate other people – or in this case my blog. Most of the time I also decide really quickly and it’s hard for me – or others – to change my opinion afterwards. My song of the moment? Voilà.

If you like the song, continue to listen and enjoy the entry, if not, stop it :).

A bit abo34164_411180004222_849394222_4323235_3391890_nut me. I’m a Belgian girl woman and I moved to Scotland because of love (I agree, it sounds really kitschy). On one hand I would like to share my crafty experiments and tell a bit about my new life here and my experiences as a foreigner in another country. On the other hand I’ll improve my written English.

I hope you will enjoy the blog and if you have tips or ideas about something you really wanted to know about… whatever , let me know in the comments. Thank you.


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