Crafty Creatives is a little business where you can buy craft boxes for £10 a month, they have each month a lovely topic and are full of great crafty stuff. This box topic was western. I’m not a big western fan, but nobody says you need to use the crafty stuff only for this theme. I renovated my new “study” (ok, it’s a corner in the bedroom but in my head it’s my study) and used the contents of the box to create nice accessories to decorate the corner room. I painted my walls white with a rectangle of “taupe” (my pinterest board with different definition of taupe), took a long white board and put it on Ikea table legs. I painted some cans and boxes in a light shade of pink with some accents in gold. With the craft papers and the beads from the Crafty Creatives box I created some baubles to hang on little braches in a vase. I really like the baubles and so I thought I would share with you a tutorial on how I made them. Enjoy


You will need:

  • Craft paper (either from the box or any you have at home)
  • Some beads and a charm (for example the turquoise beads and a feather charm)
  • Wire or nylon yarn
  • Scissors
  • Ruler
  • Pencil
  • Pin



  1. First, use the ruler and pencil to divide the sheet of craft paper into vertical strips 1cm wide.
  2. Cut the paper in half horizontally, then cut into strips along the pencil lines you’ve already drawn.
  3. Using the pin, make one small hole about 5mm from each end of each strip.
  4. Cut a 15cm length of wire or yarn.
  5. Take one bead (I actually used one of the feather charms) and thread it onto the wire, securing it in place at the end.
  6. Thread seven of your paper strips onto the wire, on top of the bead. If you want your bauble to be all the same colour on the outside, make sure all your strips are the same way up.
  7. Then, take six small beads (I took the turquoise beads from the box) and thread them onto the wire, on top of your strips.
  8. Take the free ends of your strips and thread them onto the wire.
  9. Thread a final bead on the top, over the strips.
  10. Now thread the end of the wire back down through the last bead – making sure you leave a small loop so you can hang your bauble.
  11. Wind the spare length around the wire between the last bead and the top of your strips to secure everything in place.
  12. Now spread out the strips until they are evenly spaced – and you have your bauble!
  13. To change the size and shape, you can use longer strips or more or fewer beads.
  14. I hope you enjoyed this little tutorial and have had fun!

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