That’s the song that gives me the right soundtrack for my day :

I would like to always have a soundtrack – to be honest, I have it – my own in my head – sounds strange but, welcome to my life 🙂

Yesterday was a beautiful day. I visited my friend Kerstin, she is also from Belgium and I have known her since I was 14. She is the reason why I met my Scotsman. She also lives in Scotland and has an amazing flat (she and her own Scottish boyfriend moved in some weeks ago). When I walked in the door I was already amazed…

  • Glimmer number 1: Her flat has really high walls; I love it and I’m jealous 😉
  • Glimmer number 2: She renovated / upcycled a lovely little cupboard
  • Glimmer number 3: She has a second one, not yet finished, I convinced asked her, if she want to create a little tutorial for this Blog.
  • Glimmer number 4: She said yes.

Here are some pictures from her flat. She painted the knobs on her bed with some green chalkpaint. They also sanded the damaged wood floor and sealed it, this gives a lovely unfinished shabby chic touch, especially in combination with the high walls. The small window curtain is a piece of a silk scarf, and in the back of some of the pictures you can already see some of the upcycled furnitures.

Hope you enjoyed my little digression! And I want to ask if you like presentations like this?


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