Flower PowerI love Pinterest. It’s one of my favourite media. Before I knew pinterest, I always saved pages, ideas or nice pictures in my favourites folder or saved the URLs in a Word document (that’s absolutely professional… äh not). The problem with this was that I had so many different Word documents and more than 50 favourites, so I was totally confused and never looked at the ideas again – because I ended up with a lot of links and no idea where they led (I agree, I should be more precise and organised in this respect but I get bored so easily that everything must be quick and with no extra work).

Now that I have found Pinterest, I already have far too many pins, but I love to have a free afternoon or evening and to check out all the great boards of other people and check new ideas for everything in my daily life. Did you know that baking powder is perfect to clean the bathroom, shower or stubborn stains. Me neither, but now that I use it I’m really happy. It makes my housework much more fun – it’s the ‘wow’ factor of taking something funny and unorthodox and to use it to do unloved work. Oh and before I forget, you can also use baking powder to clean your teeth. I’m not sure; I’m sure it’s probably not healthy and you shouldn’t do it but I saw tutorials about it…

Before I started the Blog, I thought of the hundred possibilities for what I could write about – which is why I want the ‘it’s all because of Pinterest’ category. I used a lot of pins to create a lampshade, to… clean my teeth with baking powder (ok, ok, I need to confess, I tried it and it works…) and a lot of other stuff – some of them BIG fails but sometimes also really good tips and lovely decoration ideas. From now on I will write about my experience with some pins. Interesting or boring?

You decide 🙂

Here is a link to my Pinterest. Let me know if there are any pins which you would love to see as my trials.


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