As promised: Kerstin was really fast and created a lovely tutorial of her upcycling:

Upcycling of an old bedside cabinet

I have kept it simple and easy and turned a shabby bedside cabinet with the help of some materials from the DIY store into a beautiful piece of furniture. Just follow the steps of my tutorial and try it out yourself.

Materials: see picture 1

You need paint, brushes, plastic cover, lining paper, a knob, a screwdriver, a Stanley knife and scissors, a ruler, wallpaper adhesive, a bowl, a beater and steel- wool

Step 1

Use a plastic cover to protect your floor. Take off the old knob by using a screwdriver. Use steel – wool and rub every surface. When you have finished, clean every surface and make sure that it is free of dust and grease.

Step 2

Paint your cabinet in your favourite colour. I have chosen an eggshell tone because I wanted the cabinet to look brighter. I had to apply the paint three times.

Before you apply another coat please read the instructions on your chosen paint. I had to wait 24 hours before I could apply another coat. You can use a brush, as I did, or you can apply the paint using a paint roller. The last method will give a smoother and more even finish. Leave the surface unpainted where you want to put the paper.

I have also used gold chalk paint to paint the rear side of the door. I wanted to achieve a more sophisticated look and brushed the paint in different directions while I was applying it. Now the gold catches the light beautifully when I open the cabinet door.

Step 3

You can put your new knob on the cabinet door. I decided to take one made out of pink and yellow glass. When your paint is completely dry you can start to cut your paper into shape you require. I have used a pink gold gift wrapping paper that I bought from a paper shop. Always look out for such beautiful things. You never know when you will need them 😉

I decided to also put in a layer on the bottom of my cabinet. I used a ruler to get the right shape and tried it out several times before I cut a piece off. This way you make sure that you don´t cut too much off.

Step 4

Take a mixing bowl and a beater. I have taken 10 tbs of wallpaper adhesive and mixed it with cold water. Don´t take too much water. The glue should have a thick and brushable texture like the texture of a facial treatment. Use your beater to get this texture and if you think that you need more water or adhesive, you can always add some.

Step 5

Use a clean brush to apply your adhesive onto the unpainted surface. Make sure the coat of glue is added as even as possible and don´t use too much. We want only a thin layer of adhesive.

Take your paper and put it on. You can move it around and this is the reason why I used wallpaper adhesive. When you find the right position, start to press the paper carefully onto the wood. You can use a clean towel or your hands for this step. Please don´t rub the paper. This would destroy it. Leave it again for 24 hours so that everything completely dries.

Now your cabinet is ready for use!


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