It was a rainy day, like more or less every day here is a rainy day. Now I live here, but I’ve learnt nothing. I have a really strong character and follow my own way (sounds nicer). When I want to wear my lovely turquoise leather ballerinas, I wear my ballerinas without socks. It’s raining, a fat lot I care. I really thought this and believed it myself – just to the moment I realized my wet feet. The first hour in the rain was absolutely ok. The second one not anymore… I started to make wet noises in different shops…People were looking at me (maybe not but in my head they were). Realising that I have no possibility to go home for the next 5 hours, I decided wisely to buy a pair cheap and dry H&M slippers in blue.
To cut to the chase: I bought unicolor shoes which were – unicolor – and a bit colourless… so I decided to paint them with fabric colour.
I have had a great idea in my head how I wanted to create a masterpiece. When I started I realised that I had failed and that what I was painting wasn’t the creation from my head, but anyway, I love my new painted shoes and I’m thinking of buying another pair in another colour to paint them again.
Here they are, I really like them – also when they are absolutely different to my first idea.


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