Pinterest is my best friend, more or less. When I moved to Scotland I faced a big challenge. I moved into my Scotsman’s flat, it’s brilliant of course, but sometimes mine and his view of vintage chic is not at the same level, not even in the same universe. Anyway, I moved in and was lying on the bed (not for the first time but I never really focused on the lampshade) and looked at the ceiling.

The lampshade is was (it’s now nonexistent) a dream off fluffy glittery white satin with feathers and some sequins in glitter white (never knew before that glitter white is actually a colour or that it exists). To absolve my fiancé, it wasn’t him who chose the shade, the people who lived before us in the flat didn’t take it with them – surprise, surprise. So he kept it for some years because he is lazy in such things he wanted to respect the work and taste of other people. Anyhow I started to find some in my eyes nice lampshade tutorials in Pinterest to create my own.

This is the tutorial

It looked more or less simple and full of confidence I used, instead of white glue, wallpaper adhesive, ordinary brown cord from a supermarket and a football-shaped balloon because I couldn´t find other shapes wanted this shape. After dunking every part of the cord in the adhesive (not my best idea)  hindsight is easier than foresight, dunk only 10 to 15 cm of the cord and use this part directly – I also coated the whole balloon with adhesive.

Ta da, that’s how my balloons looked after some coats of cord and glue.

After some days drying time I popped the balloon and cut the border in a nice shape. I took an old lampshade profile from a cheap Ikea lamp (Löbbo) and used it for my new lamp. And voilà the lamp is ready.

RESULT: I think I probably haven’t used enough cord (and not organised enough), but we have a handmade personal lampshade for the bedroom. So, what more can I say, except SUCCESS – the tutorial works.


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