I pinterest my life

I bought a journal at Paperchase. I wanted something not too flashy, more grown-up. I found and bought one with a brown fake leather cover and white pages. Looks classy, but absolutely not ‘me’.

Luckily, I found a tutorial which shows how to gild the edges of business cards. This gave me the idea to gild the edges of my journal and to thus pimp it a little bit. I used a golden permanent marker and squeezed the pages together, then I coloured the edges (it was much easier than I thought). I coloured each side twice, to make sure that no white areas were left. I really love the result and thought pink edges would also be a great idea -now I’ve convinced myself that I need many more notebooks and pens, using all the colours I like to make unique books.

Here are the before, during and after pictures:


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