Mirror, Mirror, in the hall, who has the nicest pictures of them all on the wall?

When I moved to Scotland, I felt like Snow White – alone with 7 men in a house in a typically nice bachelor flat. Great for a man, but I wanted more… style, design, flowers, girly-crafty stuff me, so I decided to put my ‘stamps’ a little bit everywhere and, now, to share them with you. Maybe they will give you some new ideas or inspirations.

  • First, I added some background to one of the ‘cube shelves’ that were already on the wall using some paper. I love different papers, whether scrapbook paper, wallpaper pieces, wrapping paper or even fabric – you can make so many nice things without a lot of work. I cut a square piece of paper in the size of the shelf and attached it to the back with a little double-sided tape. I like the look, there are flowers but not directly obvious ones – they are more visible after a second look. This is also a lovely way to create nice pictures for the wall if you don’t like to paint or you think you aren’t artistic enough. You can take some nice paper and simply use it as a picture in the frame – I often also use some stamps (not the ones for letters, the ones you use with paint or an inkpad) to make the paper a bit more individual.
  • I love painting walls, but I hate to have leftover paint go to waste when the walls are done. Normally I don’t like to use the same colour all over the house – I love to mix things up. But this time I took some of the paint left over from the living room and used it for some parts of the bedroom – and there’s still some left! Of course, it’s not bad to have a lot of paint for your money, but I don’t like to have tins of paint without knowing what to do with them or having them sit there for years in one hidden corner of the cupboard, so I always look for ways to use them up. This time, I decided to paint some canvases with the taupe colour and hang them on the white wall to create a contrast, but using the same colours I used for the whole room. On the canvases I painted a continuous picture inspired by Lotta Jansdotter, a designer who created a lot of nice prints. Here are some pictures:
  • Last but not least, one final idea for your walls for today. I also used some of the prints by Lotta Jansdotter to DIY some wall stickers. I wanted some nice little things on the wall but with the design and pattern of my favourite papers and fabrics, so I decided to take the prints or shapes of flowers from one of Lotta Jansdotter’s fabrics and cut them out of my favourite paper. I then used self-adhesive transparent plastic film to fix the patterns on the wall without gluing them and so make them reusable. In the same way you can also use napkins or fabric, but be careful as the heavier a piece of paper or fabric is, the broader the margin of the transparent film around it has to be.

I hope you liked the ideas and I wish you a nice evening, night, day,…:) Thank you for reading.


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