I’m a geek. I always thought I wasn’t but since I’ve been living here, surrounded by a massive Doctor Who Collection, in the same city where the new Doctor originally came from, with Tardis police boxes in the city center… Yes, I am.
For the Rugby Sevens earlier this year, a big rugby tournament where some stands were set aside for people in costumes, we decided to live our geekness and to go as the Doctor and Sexy his Tardis. The Doctor’s costume wasn’t so hard to copy; a brown jacket, a (do-it-yourself) red bow tie, perfect for the neck of my groom-to-be, some braces, a pair of black jeans – and the Doctor was born. The Tardis was a bit more complicated. I didn’t want a big costume, more something compatible with a nice warm cardigan (it was freezing). So I decided to wear some blue tights with a white dress. Over the dress I wore a wide blue tunic with a black belt and a blue cardigan. It doesn’t sound very exciting. But on the tunic I painted the outside of the Tardis – and on the white dress beneath it I painted the Tardis interior (with the help of a picture from the internet)… because it’s always bigger inside than outside.
Have you also already made some Doctor Who costumes? If yes, I would love to see them – and do you also like the Doctor?

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