Groundhog Day


It was a rainy day in Scotland. Again – sounds familiar, like one of the last posts. I was, again, with another pair of ballerinas outside.

Long story short:

  • It rained
  • I was wet
  • I went to H&M
  • I bought a cheap pair of white sneakers (on sale – yippee).

The white sneakers were the only ones which were in the sale, that’s why I bought them. I ought to have known better. After a 30 minute walk in a rainy city and a little bit of countryside, the shoes looked a bit damaged  shabby without the chic. Now I understand why they were on sale here in this time of the year…white probably wouldn’t win the colour of the season this year…

Anyway: I have the September box from Crafty Creatives – great stuff inside. This time the topic was monochrome and inside was a lovely black and white patterned fabric. I really like the fabric so I decided to use it to pimp my shoes. Voilà, let us start:

You will need:


  • Fabric (a fat square good sized square will normally be enough, I used the one from the Crafty Creative box)
  • Shoes
  • Mod podge glue
  • Scissors (Preferably fabric scissors)
  • Cutter/Scalpel
  • Fabric paint

Here’s how I made it:

  1. Clean your shoes- if they look like mine did.
  2. Take a part of the fabric and cut a square big enough (plus an extra 2-3cm) to cover the area of your shoe which you want to coat – finish one at a time.
  3. Put mod podge glue on the chosen area of the shoe and try to be exact, only to cover the area where you want to have your fabric.
  4. Lay the fabric (pattern above) on the shoe and adjust the piece so that everything is covered.
  5. Use your fingernail to create the border to the other parts of the shoes, that´s the line where you will cut the fabric after the glue is dry.
  6. Let the shoe dry. If the glue isn’t dry enough the fabric will wrinkle.
  7. Cut with a cutter carefully at the line (the one you made before with your fingernail).
  8. Do the same with the other pieces.
  9. Put, if you want, another lay of glue over the shoe (I haven’t done this because the shoe was already a fabric sneaker). The glue is a bit like a varnish.
  10. Use fabric paint to colour the borders of the shoes and the parts you want to have in another colour, I used black to go with the black and white theme.

Enjoy your shoes.


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