First I want to thank the people who like my blog and who have started to follow me! That’s great, I never expected that anybody would follow the blog – OK, I was quite sure that my fiancée would…to know which part of the flat I’m looking at and which ideas I have to change everything in the flat because he loves me ;).

Today, I want to show you a quick idea I had when I found an old cutlery box (not vintage old, more ’90s old). The box was black and with nothing inside. In a first step, I sanded the box (it was something between plastic and wood – think maybe MDF – inside but painted with a really strange latex plastic colour. I only sanded a little bit because the colour wouldn´t go away and decided then to leave it black like it was and to create a little bit of a shabby look.

In a second step, I painted the outside and inside white (more or less and only one layer). Then I painted a dark purple colour on the white (after it was dry). I again painted only one layer to keep the distressed look.

On the inside, I used some hard plastic from packaging and glued them with a hot glue gun (fast and it fixes things really securely in place) into the box, like divisions. Afterwards, I used Mod Podge and glued my favourite flower napkins into the inside of the box and the plastic compartments.

A little lace ribbon on the lid and my new tea box was or is ready! I really love to give things my own ‘branding’ (purple and flowers).

Have a nice day


2 thoughts on “DIY: CUSTOMIZE AN OLD BOX

  1. I’m new to wordpress and I honestly haven’t been able to find a diy blog that I really like. Your blog is easy to navigate, easy on the eyes and the projects are very interesting.


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