This week was so busy and I was too lazy and tired that I really haven’t had the time to be creative – but fortunately Lovely Kerstin upcycled another piece of furniture and wrote a tutorial – must say that I’m jealous, I really want to have the cabinet…
Love to see how things can change with some quick steps!


Upcycling of a card-index cabinet

On my last trip to a flea-market, I rescued an old card- index cabinet. It is small and has brass handles but they were in a shabby state. I made this my next project. What I wanted to do was to give it a nice colour and bring life back to the brass again. One of my favourite colour combinations is pale pink and gold. I decided to paint the cabinet in pale pink. I treated the brass naturally.  The result is stunning!

Step 1

I removed the brass handles with a screw driver and rubbed every surface with sandpaper and cleaned it with a wet towel to get rid of the dust.

Step 2

I painted the cabinet in pale pink by using a paint roller. It took me three coats to achieve the even finish I was looking for.

Step 3

Cleaning the handles


Step 4

After 24 hours, so that the paint can dry completely, put the brass handles back again. Hey, presto and you´ll have a brand new looking cabinet! 😉

I hope you´ll be as successful as me. I was very happy with the result.


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