Wood frame

Once upon a time, I saw on Pinterest a really popular tutorial to age wood. This is the tutorial: voilà.
By chance I always buy frames at Ikea and have probably more than 20 …  I found in the flat some cheap Ikea frames which really needed to be painted and distressed.

I tried, as always, to follow exactly the tutorial but stupidly I didn’t have everything at home and I never finish reading a tutorial and always think I don’t need a tutorial because I know better…

To create the distressing solution I mixed cider vinegar, used coffee granules and a steel sponge and let everything soak for 2 nights – afterwards, it looked and smelled really disgusting…

I then used it to paint the frames with three layers. After the first one I was really disappointed because I hadn’t really seen a big difference and I decided to put much more used coffee granules in the solution (no idea exactly how much). The only thing that I noticed already after the first use of the solution was the lovely smell which stayed in the room where you paint the wood (of course I used my workspace… which is in the corner of the bedroom, so imagine the lovely smell when we wanted to go to bed…) I tried to pretend I couldn’t smell anything and tried to convinced my better half that he was really making a fuss about nothing, but I need to agree that, if you aren’t mad for the smell of vinegar mixed with coffee, you should probably ‘paint’ the frame in a room where you have a lot of windows or that you don’t need to go into for a while.

Absolutely randomly, I decided to use another room to paint the second layer. I used the steel sponge to paint the frames and tried to put a lot of coffee on the frame, to give it a darker colour. I always waited a day between layers to let the frame dry properly.

After a second layer, the frame looked better but still not like in the tutorial pictures. So I thought reading the tutorial might be a great idea and discovered that there was always written steel WOOL and NOT steel SPONGE – mystery solved. I couldn’t change my mistake so I decided to paint another layer and after this I was more or less happy with the result. Of course it’s not as dark as in the tutorial, but this was my own fault and suddenly I started to like the result.

RESULT: The tutorial worked well for me, even if I made the ‘sponge’ mistake – but I think you will get probably a much better result with steel wool. Anyway, I really like the result and can only say, that in my point of view the tutorial is a SUCCESS!

Have you already tried to distress wood, or do you have you some tutorial you really want to try?



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