Paper covered Crafty Creatives Box meets Anthropologie

And how was your week?

Mine was great, I spent my Friday (ok, last week) shopping in Edinburgh and my Thursday ( that’s now this week) being creative, more or less. had a day off and visited Kerstin and her sister, who has a) spent her holiday here and is b) a really good friend of mine. We decided to have a girly shopping day like in the 90’s, when we were young, beautiful and full of dreams. My dreams never stopped BUT they have changed, which is a good thing when I think about my diary from this time…

I think the 90’s were a great time, funny films, really good music and not everybody has had a mobile – I’m not quite sure if I still know the word ..Something like “privacy”…(although I love my mobile, that’s now not the point;) ). Anyway, I don’t want to start a discussion about music or the nineties, there can’t be any discussion, the nineties were great ;).

Today I have a really shot attention span – before I start with the original topic, I want to write about some smaller things I bought in Edinburgh. We went to Anthropologie – I really love this shop, not only the items, but also the decoration. They make a little go a long way and so many great ideas, I could spend my afternoon there with a pen and paper just taking notes.

My only downer was the prices; most of the loveliest things are – in my opinion – really expensive. That’s why I was so happy to find some doorknobs downstairs for only 95p each. I didn’t need them but, at only 95p, not buying them would have been the biggest mistake. I also bought a lovely-smelling candle in mercury glass. Small things but they made me really happy, also because the staff wrapped everything up so nicely.

After a bit of high-street shopping we changed to a lovely street with a lot of charity shops in it (I don’t live there, so I have no idea where the street was) and right away I found some nice “materials” to create my own Anthropologie-style crockery – 4 small saucers with 4 bowls and a glass carafe. I think I will try the Pinterest Tutorial where they paint the porcelain with Sharpie pens. The carafe will be painted with enamel, I still have a small pot of white and I really want to try it. But let’s now come finally to the point:  Part 2-Tutorial.


4 thoughts on “TUTORIAL meets SHOPPING

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