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Pimp cardboard boxes


I received last week my wonderful crafty creative box – theme: night circus.

I love this topic and I love all the stuff inside – here is a wee photograph I took of everything.

CC Box 16But as much as I love what comes in the boxes, I dislike them lying around empty in my way on my desktop. That’s why I decided to cover them in nice paper and to create some storage boxes for smaller items which will look lovely on my shelves.

I hope there are still some people who are reading my post (after all the stuff I wrote before in part 1…) so I will try to write this tutorial as short as possible:


  • Crafty Creatives Boxes (or other boxes, but then you need to check the measurements)
    • Dimensions of my box:
      • Height: 6.5cm
      • Length: 22cm
      • Width:15cm
  • Paper or wallpaper
  • Some fabric (Why not some fabric from one of the previous boxes?)
  • PVC Glue (from this month’s box) or Mod Podge
  • Button (Maybe from the circus box) or small doorknobs
  • Scissors
  • Double-sided tape


  1. Cut the edges of the box as shown in the picture
  2. Measure out the following shape on your fabric
  3. Measure the following shape with the right dimensions on your paper
  4. Put some double-sided tape into the box (one side after one) then place the fabric inside as shown
  5. Put glue on the box and cover it with the paper, folding the corners and edges over the borders and a little bit inside the box, to create a nice transition from the paper to the fabric.
  6. Sew your button onto the underside of the box or like me use the little Anthropologie doorknob.
  7. Stab two holes in the lid of the box and put some cord in it, making a knot from behind. Maybe you can add some lace or, if you also have the CC-Box the little animal from the kit.
  8. Fill your box with lovely stuff

If you used the tutorial, I’d be happy to hear if the dimensions for paper and fabric worked for you! 🙂

What do you think, are pictures of my shopping interesting for you or rather not?

Have a lovely day




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