Long, long time ago…

What a week. You probably noticed that I wrote nothing haven’t written a lot the last 5 days, but I was really busy. My mother was here to visit me, so we did a lot of things together and I enjoyed every minute. I could tell you about all the great things we visited or discovered, but it would be a lie – most of the time we went shopping. I bought some necessary winter things, like a coat. And, like always, I had a little peek in one of the numerous charity shops and…of course… found something, a frame for my Ikea Expedit shelf – but more about that below in the post.

What more can I say than that I enjoyed my week off and only started now yesterday, motivated and full of ideas, with more crafty things. This time (because it was such a long time without a post) directly with all the new things I created last evening.

Chalkpaint versus frame

I never really tried chalkpaint, so I bought some testers at B&Q in different colours to have an idea how they work.  I only washed the frame (yes the one from above) and started to use the chalkpaint. I was impressed; I didn’t need to sand before I used the paint – only negative thing: the layer is a bit streaky, which I disliked. Maybe it’s because of the paint’s texture but you are more than welcome if you have some ideas.

I needed three layers (probably two would be also enough). When everything was dry I sanded some areas. Of course I haven’t had any furniture wax, so I tried – don’t laugh – some of my hair wax, which I never use because it’s dangerous for my hair. I took a small amount of the wax out of the box and mixed it with the darker colour and used a pencil to put the mixture on the frame. Afterwards, I only polished everything so that the dark colour was only seen where I wanted and the frame was is ready.

Second Step: I didn’t want to show you an empty frame, so I painted a fantasy-flower picture for inside, using some ink, watercolours and my imagination. I love to paint flower pictures that exist only in my mind.

And that’s the result of my evening activity. I really like it and all that remains is the explanation of how I will use the frame for my Expedit shelf. Tada, like this:

To not damage the shelves, I used a belt to fix the pictures on each side. I really like the look of the belt on the shelves. I only need now to decorate the shelf itself, therefore another post will follow. 🙂

Enjoy your day and your week and thank you for reading.




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