Hello Autumn

Hi everyone,

What a lovely week – ok, I’ve had a big cold, but apart from that what a lovely week and….tada: it is autumn – yeeha – my absolute favorite time in year.

  • I love wearing thick cardigans
  • I love when the sun starts to go down earlier
  • I love to have because of this cosy evenings at home in the living room with a blanket and candles – let me be honest: the only right time for candles to exist is the autumn (ok, I also accept the winter).
  • I love the wind blowing outside the window and you are inside and warm
  • I love the air in autumn – you don’t know what I mean? Go outside – yes, now – and take a deep breath. Can you taste and smell the cold air which announces the winter and the aroma of leaves?
  • I love the colours, which give me a cosy feeling – or do you know the sound, walking in autumn leaves? I also love this.
  • I love – no, I will stop now, before I start to exaggerate.

Anyway pictures show more than all my words – here are some pictures of my autumn – week.

I’m sorry- I still have another “I love” – I love to have longer evenings inside in autumn, to be creative.

That’s what I have done this week. I was crafty each evening a bit and wanted to share with you everything I have done.


First self-made sushi ever 🙂

We found a DIY sushi kit at Sainsbury’s, which gave us the idea to make sushi ourselves. But when we noticed that buying the stuff individually, without a kit, gave us more content for more or less the same money, we decided to buy everything alone (was a ‘buy two and the third is free’ promotion). Maybe you have made it already, but if not: was a lot of fun and a bottle of wine to make the sushi – the wine was for us, not for the sushi.

New arrangement of my shelf:

I painted an old frame black and took some more or less transparent foil (I broke the glass of the frame some time ago) to put it into the frame as a new “glass”. I used two layers and between I fixed a postcard from a Glasgow artist (I need to have a look for the artist). I love the cards and already send them as birthday cards to friends in Belgium. As you can see, I also found at last a place for my Anthropologie candle I bought with Kerstin some time ago (here Post about this).

Chalkpaint meets frame addict

I need to admit: I’m an addict now. I love chalk paint, that’s why I used another colour (was chalky emulsion) to paint my frames. Like my first one (here) I carried out the same steps to create the shabby look.

  1. Painted the frame twice
  2. Sanded the edges and other parts of the frame
  3. Used my hair wax and some dark paint to create the used look.

I was so motivated, that I painted five frames right away :), now I have a nice combination of chalkpaint frames and aged frames (It’s all because of Pinterest) in my our entry.


It seems that my last post about the chalkpaint and my white frame inspired me more than I thought – I not only painted the other frames the same way, I also started to think where in the house I could still use belts. I bought some cheap ones at Primark and used them in the bathroom as a decoration for my ordinary white roman blinds. I cut the ends of the belts in the right size and tried to have the belt buckle at the same place. I think it changes everything and gives the blinds a bit of a more rustic look.

The last things will follow in other posts, because they were made from Pinterest tutorials or I made a tutorial myself.

  • Moroccan-style Lantern
  • Gold vase
  • Papier maché bowl

 Have you ever made sushi yourself or do you also like the autumn as much as I do?

 Let me know, I am curious 🙂



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