The Doctor1

This year is the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who. Have you thought about celebrating this with something special? Can you hear the drums? A real geek would now say that the drums have the same rhythm as the heartbeats in the Master’s head.

Tada- here is my idea: a doctor who advents calendar – right on time.

Have you already thought about making your loved ones an advent calendar? I think it’s a great idea to create something for a special person. I haven’t finished the one for my fiancé yet, but it doesn’t matter because I do not want to show the new one (not really spectacular, more a bit boring – the calendar not the fiancé –  in comparison with the last one).

But I want to share with you as an idea the calendar from last year – because this year would be the perfect opportunity to make something like this and to have a lovely Doctor Who Christmas decoration.

I decided to create a calendar with all the 11 doctors – yes, I know eleven isn’t enough for a calendar, so I made also some Tardises, two weeping angels, two Cybermen and 1 Dalek nobody likes the Daleks. Before I show you the pictures I will briefly explain what I have done. I found a picture of wee Doctor Who paper dolls in the internet (here) and fell in love. So I decided to create my own ones in my preferred size, so that I could put some smaller items inside the bodies. I used a lot of things like sweeties and gimmicks and only if the items were too big, I put a little paper with a number inside, so that my fiancé would know where to find his ‘presents’. Every doll has a little paper in his hands to show the advent calendar number. The Tardises were 2-dimensional and had inside things like vouchers, poems, etc.

Voilà the pictures and I hope they inspire you.

Here some ideas for items in an advent calendar.

  • Different teabags with some great flavours – as a nice change from normal English breakfast tea, why not try some Chai tea?
  • lottery scratch card
  • Sweeties
  • Poems
  • Each day a part of a story
  • Funny gimmicks like this one
  • Gift coupon (breakfast – why not in bed; wash the dishes; excursion ;…)
  • A box of microwave popcorn for a lovely cinema evening at home
  • A self-made CD with songs
  • Nice picture (photo)
  • Book mark
  • Postcards funny or philosophical
  • Small bath pearls
  •  … much much more

Have you made an advent calendar this year, or will you buy one?


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