Jingle bells, jingle bells, lalalalala….


I heard that in Scotland people decorate their house 12 days before Christmas. But where I, or rather we, are from you start when you want and when it seems to be the best time – when the weather starts to be colder, the Christmas market has opened, a hot chocolate or a hot wine (Glühwein) on the couch seems ideal for a cosy evening…

I haven’t started yet to decorate but Kerstin was nice enough to share her amazing Christmas decorations – Have fun 🙂

Time for Christmas preparation

I wanted to begin decorating the house in anticipation of Advent and Christmas. So I did and looked for my christmas decorations. As I have just moved there was not really a lot left in my Christmas box. I decided to hit the shops. In a little second hand shop I found the most beautiful Christmas tree hangers. Rocking horses are from days of yore. The material, the shape and the colour scheme of my Christmas tree decorations are too. This all reminds me of Christmas past and how perfectly it goes together with my existing decorations.

Classy Christmas mantlepiece

First of all I went out to cut some twigs for my Christmas vase arrangement which I´ve put in the middle of the mantlepiece. I found spurce, larch, whin and rose hips when I was out walking. This did just the trick. I had already bought two large church candles. In my opinion these are the best candles for Christmas because of their long burning-life and the high quality of wax. For Christmas I prefer traditional colours like green, red, gold, silver and ivory. I arranged some twigs and Christmas tree ornaments around the candles and hung a garland of golden stars along the mantlepiece.  I prefer clear glass vases because they are invisible and they don´t detract from the decoration itself.

If you don´t have a fireplace or mantlepiece, you could place your Christmas arrangement on a sideboard or a windowsill.



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