Make your own advent arrangement


Do you have an advent wreath or advent arrangements? If not and you fancy creating one I – well, ok, it’s my mother who made it and sent me the pictures – have put together a little tutorial. And the best thing is, you can be creative on your own, because this works for every arrangement and wreath (also spring,  summer, etc.).

You need

  • Floral foam
  • Bowl or plate
  • U-Clamps
  • Knife
  • Hot glue gun
  • Fir sprigs
  • Nippers (garden and wire)
  • Wire – thick wire (cut in 6 cm lengths)
  • Normal florist’s wire
  • Small candle
  • Big candle (which you use in the arrangement)
  • Decoration such as ribbon, pine cone, etc.

Step 1

Leave the floral foam soaking in water for one hour (30 minutes for each side)

Step 2

Cut the foam into the size of the bowl or plate. Cut the upper corner at an angle, because then you can create a nice shape with your fir sprigs.

Step 3

Strip the last 2-3cm of needles away from the end of the fir sprig that you’re going to stick into the foam. Snip the stem in a diagonal cut, and then gently press it into the foam. Start with large sprigs on the bottom layer, then use progressively smaller ones for the higher layers. Finally, use U-clamps to fix sprigs on the flat upper surface of the foam – but not where you are going to put the candle!

Step 4

Hold the thick wire pieces for a few seconds over the small candle (ATTENTION, IT WILL BE HOT) them immediately push it halfway (more or less 3 cm) into the base of the candle – 3 wire pieces per candle at 3 different positions.

Step 5

Push the candle down into the foam and check that it is secured by its three wire ‘legs’. It should be firm enough not to fall over while burning, and there should be no sprigs too close to the flame.

Step 6

Start to decorate everything with your remaining materials, using the hot glue gun or wire to secure it on or in the foam – for example, in my opinion wire is the best way to fix ribbon to your wreath.

Step 7

Put Christmas music on and enjoy your Christmas arrangement


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