3As you probably know, someone who already has everything is hard to buy presents for. Like my granny – she always tells me that she doesn’t want anything to hang on the walls, anything that will just stand around gathering dust and anything she can’t use. I can’t get her books as her eyes aren’t so good any more, or something to watch as she doesn’t have a DVD player… so I decided to make something myself which fits all her criteria – something homemade to eat.

Here are some recipes or ideas you could give as Christmas presents to people who have everything – and also to people you think might like them.


Easiest Way to make a lovely present in 3 Steps

  1. Buy a pack of peanuts (I always buy the salty ones, I like it when the peanut butter is saltier)
  2. Mix them together (if you have a good mixer you don’t need oil, or maybe when you notice that it’s not smooth enough you can add a spoonful)
  3. Put everything in a jar.


You can find the whole recipe in this post: here


Again a really easy but lovely present in three steps.

  1. Melt the chocolate (over hot boiling water) taking care that no water gets into the chocolate.
  2. Put the chocolate on a plastic spoon or in an ice cube tray if, like me, you happen to have some lollipop sticks lying around.
  3. Decorate with different things, cinnamon, mini-marshmallows, chocolate,…

On this blog everything is really well explained with lovely decoration.

Have fun!


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