Christmas baubles on the tree, make me happy and feel free… no, I’m not insane, but I’ve started ‘adapting’ every known Christmas song with my own lyrics. It’s like ‘Pimp my Carol’.

But back to work – let’s start with door number 4:


This is an easy idea which you can use with different materials, not just felt. You could probably also use leather, thicker felt, cardboard and even some thicker types of fabric. I used more or less thin felt from my Crafty Creatives box, along with some beads from one of the earlier boxes.

You need

  • Felt or material for the circles
  • Wire
  • Beads (bigger ones)

How to

  1. Cut different sizes of circles – I used a small glass, the lid of my fabric paint and a button as templatesSTEP 2
  2. Thread a bead onto the wire and then follow with one of the smallest circles – then a bead, then a slightly bigger circle, then another bead and so on. The circles should get bigger until you reach the middle of the bauble and then get smaller again, so you end up with a ball shape.
  3. That’s it, more or less! Use the last bead to fix the wire and create a small loop, so that you can hang the bauble.


Use polystyrene balls (available from most art shops) as a base for your baubles. For the first one, I rubbed the ball with PVA glue (maybe best to do it section by section, otherwise the glue will dry too quickly) and wound string around it in layers. The string can then be fixed with a nice-looking pin, and you can use the same trick to affix a small wire loop for hanging.

For the felt-covered ball, I first used my felting needle to pin the felt to the polystyrene ball. I then used hot water and soap to felt the ball wet. After it had dried, I felted the little snowflake onto it using the needle again – but this time without using the soap and water. To affix the hanging loop, I used a pin and a nice piece of ribbon which also came from one of my Crafty Creatives boxes.


Last but not least my paper baubles. It was one of my first posts on this blog and it was a tutorial on how to create these baubles, which look great on the Christmas tree.

I hope there was something for you and I’ll see you tomorrow, Day 5 :).


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