DAY 10

DIY Christmas present

Customize Charity shop treasures

Do you remember the pottery I found in a charity shop, when I was on a shopping trip with Kerstin in Edinburgh? Here is the article.

I really liked the shape of the bowl and the little plate, so I decided to buy them and to customize them. I also saw lovely plates at Anthropologie, but they were really expensive – so that was my inspiration. I only painted two bowls and two plates (still need to paint the other two).

The brand Marabou has really great paints, you can use them easily, they are water-soluble and tadadada! The best thing is: it is air-drying. This means you don’t need to use the oven.

TIP: There are also painting pens, they are great if you want to paint a shape (like my peacock), rather than paint them with a brush or leave them like this…

TIP 2: Use the stencil idea from the last Door (9) to create wonderful pottery.


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