DAY 17

TUTORIAL: Make your own door wreath

I’m just back from Belgium and I can’t stop mentioning it – I think that’s because I now write every day and it’s not everyday something happens… so I need to repeat myself and to write often about the same thing… a shame ;). The good thing about being home was that my parents have a lovely big garden where I could use a lot of natural things to create my wreath and also other little Christmas decorations.

But let me start with the tutorial:

  1. Take a polystyrene wreath and paint it with normal acrylic brown.
  2. Collect wood branches in the garden and break them into little pieces (4-5 cm) but be a bit random, because then it will look more natural.
  3. Start to glue the wood to the wreath BUT only use the hot glue gun on the wood itself. If you try to apply it directly to the wreath base, the foam will melt. So just put some glue directly onto each piece of wood and start to build up your wreath.
  4. Once you like the appearance, you can also glue on some smaller ornaments or dried fruits (I used berries, but you also can use dried oranges slices etc…) to cover little gaps.
  5. I also tied some wire around the wreath to be sure that everything stayed in its place (I was thinking about having to pack it into a suitcase for the flight home)
  6. Last step is to use some ribbon and fix it with a knot. Then use some pins to adjust the ribbon at the areas you want to have it.
  7. Hang it on your door

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