DAY 19

DIY: Easy and fast Christmas cards

We are late with cards this year – unbelievable, because I’m always on time. We have already received a lot of lovely Christmas wishes. Great, we were happy – but after a few seconds, we started to feel something hot and cold crawling over our backs – I assume that my better half had the same feeling and it wasn’t only my paranoid WE ARE LATE psychosis.  I think  to this moment we still know that we wanted write a lot of Christmas cards, but knowing and doing is something different… sometimes

So we decided to do something against the stress, each of us in his own way. P. bought some nice cards and I crafted some. I still had from my Crafty creative Christmas box some blank cards and some lovely patterned paper.

You need:
  • Cards or thin card, which you can cut to the size you want.
  • Patterned paper
  • Glue or double sided tape
  • Pen
  • Or (why not), a quill pen and ink
  • Things you can glue on paper.
I can’t really explain how to do the cards, because it was only cutting pieces in different colours and shapes and glueing them on cardboard.
Some of my tips:
  • I always use for bigger regions double sided tape because normal liquid glue can make the paper ‘wavy’.
  • For smaller pieces I used normal glue, but not too much so that no excess will be squeezed out of the edges.
  • I always use my quill and ink to create frames, to write or to frame pieces of paper, to make the contrast more visible. I really like this style.
  • Instead of black ink (you can also use a pen) ,  sepia or other colours are lovely to create a shape and make the card a bit more “vintage”
  • Create or print your own pattern, like book pages, music sheets or like me, handwritten Christmas wishes. (like this one)
  • If you want to professionalize (or so) your card, paint the inside of the envelope or create little “inserts” in the same shape and with the same colours of your cards. This is a tutorial which explains really well how you can create them individually.
  • Little Christmas tree or Christmas ornaments are always great to glue on cards.
  • Oh and  before I forget: I always put Christmas music on when I start to craft something  for Christmas, I think – ok, probably only in my head- that you are much more creative and “Christmassy” with this music in the background AND you will start to get into the right mood, if you aren’t already.

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